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As tablets become more mainstream there usefulness begins to rise. Being able to check your e-mail on the go and invoice out a client right at the jobsite has its advantages.


There are three different tablet Operating systems out there today that are mainstream. We will go through the differences and explain how each one can be chosen.


Android based tablets are aimed at entertainment mostly. This open source operating system has enabled tablets to become mainstream for a bargain of a price. The most inexpensive of your tablet choices makes for an easy choice when trying to outfit your family with gadgets. If you have android based phones, it makes the transition that much easier.


iPads are one of the most sought after tablets on the market today. There operating system has been around for a long time and they have kept the look that everyone is used too. The quality of these product justifies there increase in price. When you get an iPad, you know it works, and will continue to work. Having Apple based devices in the family makes for an easy choice when you want to play games and face time with the grand children.


Windows based tablets are work horses. Mostly chosen for there ability to be used in the work force. They have revamped there look and it works very efficient in a touchscreen based environment. Your ability to use full fledged desktop programs on there Pro series makes them a no brainier for the job. Most company s already use Windows based systems in there offices, making this an easy choice for Business.