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AMD Catalyst OMEGA

Engineered to unlock new capabilities in AMD APU's and GPU's on GNC Architecture

Whether you are a videophile, gamer, professional devoloper, or simply want a better experience from your AMD Based PC, there is something here for everyone to love

A software upgrade that boosts performance up to 19% on Radeon Graphics and up to 29% on AMD APU's that feature the GCN architecture

Picture perfect UltraHD technology strives for pixel-perfect images.

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Computer Engineering takes another step

Light can carry more data than a wire, it also takes less energy

In other work, the team automated the process of designing optical structures and it enabled them to create nanoscale structures

Basically they are creating a Silicon Prism and etching "data" lanes into it

With help from Standford they discovered how to create shapes inorder for light to behave in a certain way

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Nvidia's Tesla K80

Nvidia has unveiled its latest graphics offering in the form of the Tesla K80 dual-GPU.

The new card, which is designed for professional applications, doubles the performance of its K40 predecessor, and packs some impressive specs including a full 24 GB graphics memory.

According to Nvidia, the K80 offers 10 times higher performance than the fastest CPUs on the market when it comes to engineering and science applications.

Up to 2.91 TFlops double precision performance and Up to 8.74 TFlops single precision performance on the Tesla K80 GPU Accelerator

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Intel's New CPU's

Intel has just launched new x99 CPU's

The eight-core 16-thread Intel Core Extreme edition CPU is Intels first eight-core processor.

This platform offers massive performance and quad-channel memory for content creation, multitasking, and gaming.

Additional six-core unlocked enthusiast desktop SKU's also announced.

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Nvidia just released new video cards!

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang revealed there latest GPU architecture: Maxwell.

Faster frame-rates, new rendering techniques and superior image quality combine to deliver next-gen gaming at Ultra HD resolutions.

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